YouTube Unveils Major Update Including Dozens Of New Features

YouTube has launched over three dozen new features and design updates to enhance the user experience.

Now rolling out globally, the changes are designed to give viewers more control and help them easily find content while modernizing the look and feel.

Improved Watch Experience

Several of the new features allow for greater control over the viewing experience.

Stable Volume

An option called “stable volume” will automatically reduce sudden volume differences for a more consistent listening experience. This feature is launching first on mobile.

Double Speed

Users who enjoy speeding up videos can now press and hold anywhere on the player to instantly double the playback speed to 2x. Letting go will return it to normal speed. This handy trick works across the web, tablets, and phones.

Larger Previews

Larger video preview thumbnails while scrubbing will make it easier to find the perfect moment. There is also a new way to snap back to your original spot if you start seeking, then change your mind – move your finger back and lift when you feel a vibration.

Screen Lock

A new lock screen option prevents accidental taps from interrupting videos while watching on mobile.

Enhanced Search and Discovery

Finding content is now more intuitive with the launch of the new “You” tab, which merges the Library and account pages into one destination for all your previously watched videos, playlists, and more. The tab is located where Library used to be.

Voice and song searching capabilities allow you to find videos by humming, singing, or playing a tune. This feature uses AI to analyze the audio and match it to the original recording. It’s launching first on Android.

Modern, Animated Design

Creators will now see subtle animations on their videos’ like and subscribe buttons when prompting viewers to interact, rewarding them when they do.

Top comments will automatically rotate so users can view engaging feedback. New real-time view and like counters animate for the first 24 hours on new uploads.

On Smart TVs, video details like descriptions and comments are more accessible in a new menu that pops up by clicking the title. Similar tweaks are coming to the web and mobile.

In Summary

With volume stabilization, variable playback speeds, and larger previews, YouTube’s latest updates give users more control over their viewing.

The new “You” tab improves discoverability by consolidating account information and watch history.

While modernizing the design with subtle animations, YouTube retains the core functionality users are familiar with.


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