UK is Europe’s most ready country for mass EV adoption, says Geotab report

A new report from Geotab has revealed that the UK is the best-suited country in Europe for mass EV adoption.

The ‘Taking Charge: On the Road to an EV Future‘ report identified that two-thirds of UK cars and vans operated by private and public sector organisations are ready to go electric – highlighting the nation’s potential for widespread EV uptake.

Geotab says the findings dispel increasing pessimism around the UK’s EV landscape and pose as an incentive for the rest of Europe.

David Savage, Vice President for the UK and Ireland at Geotab, explained: “The idea that the UK is not ready for mass EV adoption is a fallacy.

“On the contrary, it’s time for British businesses to ‘double down’ on fleet electrification – not just for the good of the environment and our collective climate goals but for their bottom line.

“A visionary CEO of a business operating a vehicle fleet could effectively pay their own salary by going electric, thanks to EVs’ financial savings.”

Analysing the UK’s EV outlook

The Taking Charge study examined telematics data to assess the feasibility of transitioning from ICE vehicles to EVs in light-duty fleets, analysing potential financial and CO2 savings.

These figures are based on Geotab’s EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA) tool, which uses telematics data to recommend tailored EV adoption strategies.

EVSA matches driving patterns with EV performance metrics to identify suitable replacements, considering financial and environmental benefits.

Key considerations include the availability of range-capable EVs and economic viability. Fleet electrification potential hinges on driving patterns, ensuring cost-effective range coverage.

Potential for EV adoption

The report examined driver data from 1.3 million vehicles across seven countries over 12 months, finding that switching to EVs could save 2.2 billion gallons of fuel and avoid 19 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions over the next seven years.

Despite limited national EV incentives, the UK emerges as the most ‘EV suitable’ market in Europe. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain offer up-front purchase incentives for EVs, contrasting with the UK’s withdrawal of the Plug-in Car Grant in 2022.

Yet, the UK’s EV suitability surpasses other markets: Canada (50%), Spain (43%), the United States (38%), Germany (35%), Italy (28%), France (20%).

The research found that 66% of UK light-duty vehicles are deemed ready for electrification, promising cost savings for organisations.

Extending the vehicle replacement cycle to ten years could increase this readiness to 73%, thanks to the longer lifespan and cost benefits of EVs over petrol and diesel counterparts.

Moreover, the findings indicate that British organisations could save £13,279 per vehicle over seven years, totalling £876,414 for a fleet of 100 vehicles.

The report underscores the UK’s leading position in Europe’s journey towards mass EV adoption, serving as both inspiration and imperative for businesses to embrace fleet electrification.

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