Microsoft: Bing Chat Demand Not Going Down

Tired Bing Robot At Computer

Some may feel like all the buzz around Microsoft and Bing Chat is somewhat dwindling but according to Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO, Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, that is not true. He said that demand is not dwindling and Bing Chat just keeps getting better and more efficient.

Mikhail Parakhin was asked on X if Bing Chat is more “smooth” “because the demand went down or because you guys have done some optimizations.”

Mikhail Parakhin responded saying, “Demand definitely did not go down :-). We re-implemented Responsible AI control system, less buffering, faster and smoother output.”

Here are those posts:

Some other reports may show there is less interest in Bing Chat but according to the source, that is not true.

Oh, when I ask Bing Chat this question directly, it doesn’t seem to want to give me an answer:

Asking Bing Chat About Demand

Forum discussion at X.

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