Microsoft AI hub to be established in London

A cutting-edge Microsoft AI hub is set to be formed in London, situating some of the tech giant’s leading AI innovation in the UK’s capital.

The news follows the recent announcement of Microsoft AI, an organisation to advance the company’s consumer AI products and research.

The new hub, known as Microsoft AI London, will be instrumental in optimising Microsoft’s AI portfolio, providing a host of economic benefits to the UK.

Mustafa Suleyman, EVP and CEO of Microsoft AI, explained: “This is great news for Microsoft AI and for the UK.

“As a British citizen born and raised in London, I’m proud to have co-founded and built a cutting-edge AI business here.

“I’m deeply aware of the extraordinary talent pool and AI ecosystem in the UK, and I’m excited to make this commitment to the UK on behalf of Microsoft AI.

“I know – through my close work with thought leaders in the UK Government, the business community and academia – that the country is committed to advancing AI responsibly and with a safety-first commitment to drive investment, innovation and economic growth. Our decision to open this hub in the UK reflects this ambition.”

Microsoft AI London’s mission

The new Microsoft AI hub will be spearheaded by AI scientist and engineer Jordan Hoffman, who has extensive prior AI experience at Inflection and DeepMind.

Microsoft AI London will lead groundbreaking efforts in advancing cutting-edge language models and their accompanying infrastructure.

The hub aims to develop top-tier tools for foundational models, working closely with Microsoft’s AI teams and partners, such as OpenAI, to achieve this goal.

Benefits for the UK economy

Microsoft AI recognises the vast talent pool and expertise in AI within the UK and will establish a significant, long-term presence in the nation by hiring top AI scientists and engineers for the new AI hub.

Soon, Microsoft will be advertising job opportunities and actively seeking exceptional individuals who are eager to tackle the most intriguing AI challenges.

Microsoft says it is seeking team members who are motivated by making large-scale impacts, are passionate about innovation, and thrive in a culture of continual learning.

Microsoft AI London will build on the company’s extensive UK AI network, including the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab.

Microsoft has also recently revealed it is investing £2.5bn to upskill the UK workforce for the AI era, building infrastructure for the AI economy, and supplying the UK with 20,000 advanced GPUs by 2026.

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