Meta unveils five new lead generation ad tools for Facebook and Instagram

Meta is adding new tools on Facebook and Instagram to help businesses get better leads.

The tech giant is rolling out five lead generation ad tools, AI features, and CRM partnerships, designed to improve campaign performance and save marketers time and money.

Why we care. Quality leads can save businesses time and resources as they have a greater chance of turning interest into actual sales. Given the higher likelihood of conversion, leveraging tools to optimize lead generation is crucial for marketers as this approach not only ensures more efficient campaigns but also maximizes the return on investment.

Click to WhatsApp Lead Gen: The lead objective is being extended to Facebook and Instagram ads that click to start a WhatsApp chat to help marketers nurture more quality leads with messaging. Select advertisers will have the option to add a Q&A flow in Ads Manager moving forward

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Instant form ad format. This feature lets users explore and connect with multiple businesses at once. For example, after signing up for a bridal hair trial, users can easily share their contact information with other relevant businesses, like a nail salon. It offers added convenience for users and more opportunities for small businesses to be discovered by interested customers.

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Calling leads on Facebook. Meta is testing this new feature that allows businesses to call people through Facebook to provide assurance and display their business information, including logo and name.

Advantage+ for Lead Gen: Meta is testing full campaign automation for lead generation campaigns, using Meta Advantage. Advertisers can apply AI to multiple campaign aspects simultaneously to “unlock greater performance while saving time and money.”

Hubspot. To support businesses in generating high-quality leads efficiently, Meta is introducing HubSpot as a new CRM integration partner, offering a straightforward click-through setup. Additionally, Meta is streamlining CRM integration with Zapier.

What Meta is saying. A spokesperson for Meta said in a statement:

  • “Integrating a CRM with the Conversions API, and using the conversion leads performance goalto optimize for lead quality, can boost campaign performance and help a business reach leads more likely to convert.”
  • “In a recent study, ads that used this campaign setup saw an average 16% reduction in cost per quality lead and 21% increase in rate of converting a lead to a quality lead, compared to ads using the leads performance goal.”

Deep dive. Read our 9-step guide on how to use Meta Ads for lead genertion for more information.

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