Marketers Can Upgrade Or Subscribe To ChatGPT Plus For GPTs

UPDATE: You can subscribe or upgrade to ChatGPT Plus again!

ChatGPT Plus subscriptions and upgrades remain paused after a surge in demand for new features created outages.

Customize Your ChatGPT Experience For SEO And Marketing With GPTs

GPTs allow users to create one or more personalized ChatGPT experiences based on a specific set of instructions, knowledge files, and actions.

Search marketers with ChatGPT Plus can try GPTs for helpful content assessment and learning SEO.

There are also GPTs for analyzing Google Search Console data.

And GPTs that will let you chat with analytics data from 20 platforms, including Google Ads, GA4, and Facebook.

Google search has indexed hundreds of public GPTs. According to an alleged list of GPT statistics in a GitHub repository, DALL-E, the top GPT from OpenAI, has received 5,620,981 visits since its launch last month. Included in the top 20 GPTs is Canva, with 291,349 views.

As OpenAI continues to let more people try its newest features, it is also working on reports of degrading GPT-4 performance that have surfaced on social media, community forums, and even Google Reviews.

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