LinkedIn Report: AI Skills Now Must-Have For Marketers

A new report by Microsoft and LinkedIn reveals the rapid adoption of AI tools and skills in the marketing industry.

According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report, which surveyed over 31,000 people across 31 countries, marketing professionals who leverage AI enjoy a competitive advantage.

Employers recognize the efficiency gains AI capabilities provide in marketing roles and increasingly seek applicants with those skills.

Karim R. Lakhani, Chair of the Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard, states in the report:

“Marketers are harnessing the power of AI to work smarter, not just faster. It’s enabling them to focus on higher-value, creative work while automating more routine tasks.”

Here are some highlights from the report illustrating the need to develop an AI skill set to remain competitive.

AI Aptitude: The New Must-Have Skill for Marketers

The survey data reveals a strong preference among business leaders for candidates and employees with AI skills.

A majority, 66%, stated they wouldn’t consider hiring candidates lacking AI proficiency.

Further, 71% expressed a preference for less experienced job seekers with AI skills over more seasoned professionals without that expertise.

This inclination was pronounced in creative fields like marketing and design.

Michael Platt, a neuroscience professor at the Wharton School, states in the report:

“AI is redefining what it means to be a competitive marketer in today’s digital landscape. Professionals who can effectively integrate AI into their work are positioning themselves as invaluable assets to their organizations.”

The report indicates that early-career marketers who develop AI skills could benefit significantly.

77% of leaders reported that employees adept at leveraging AI would be trusted with greater responsibilities earlier in their careers than their peers without AI skills.

The AI Arms Race For Top Marketing Talent

Data from LinkedIn shows that job postings highlighting AI tools and applications have seen a 17% increase in application growth compared to those that don’t mention AI.

Additionally, 54% of early-career employees cited access to AI technologies as a key factor influencing their choice of employer.

Organizations that provide AI training and support for their marketing teams likely have an advantage in attracting top talent.

Why SEJ Cares

The widespread adoption of AI in marketing signifies a shift in the skills and capabilities necessary for succeeding in this rapidly evolving industry.

As AI transforms marketing approaches, professionals who fail to adapt risk being left behind.

The 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report’s findings are relevant to marketing professionals at all levels. They demonstrate that AI proficiency is necessary for career advancement and job market competitiveness.

Additionally, the report highlights businesses’ role in fostering an AI-driven culture.

Companies investing in AI tools, training, and employee support will be better positioned to attract and retain top talent, drive innovation, and achieve better results.

Read the full report.

How This Can Help You

For marketing professionals to succeed in the AI era, the report suggests:

  • Prioritize developing AI skills through courses, workshops, training programs, and collaborating with AI practitioners to gain hands-on experience.
  • Embrace experimenting with new AI tools and techniques, integrating them into daily workflows to improve efficiency.
  • Share AI knowledge actively with colleagues to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and drive organizational AI adoption.
  • Highlight AI capabilities during job searches by demonstrating the successful use of AI to drive results in previous roles.
  • Choose employers committed to AI adoption that provide access to cutting-edge AI tools and support ongoing learning.

These recommendations can help you future-proof your career and advance in an increasingly competitive field.

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