Jammable Review: How Good Are These AI Song Covers?

The world of music is constantly evolving, and with advancements in artificial intelligence, the possibilities for creative expression are endless.

Jammable is a platform I recently came across that revolutionizes how we create music covers. Formerly known as Voicify AI, Jammable is an AI song cover generator that creates song covers using famous voices or your own custom AI voice.

Jammable is made for music enthusiasts, songwriters, content creators, and professionals in the music business and creative industries looking to inject a unique twist into their work. Whether you want to create a cover in the style of your favorite artist or experiment with iconic cartoon character voices, Jammable offers a diverse range of vocal styles, making it a versatile tool for creating distinctive content.

What caught my attention about Jammable was its claim of being the #1 platform for creating high-quality AI covers in seconds. What is the quality of the songs produced using Jammble? Is it truly capable of making entire song covers in seconds? I had to find out for myself, so I’m sharing my experience with this review!

In this Jammable review, I’ll start by discussing what Jammable is and who it’s best for so you get an idea of what Jammable is all about. I’ll cover its features and show you how I made a duet with SpongeBob and Plankton voices using Jammable in seconds.

Next, I’ll show you how easy it was to create a custom AI voice using Jammable and create a song cover. I’ll share my honest thoughts about the process and the output quality.

I’ll finish the article with the top three Jammable alternatives, so you know if Jammable is right for you. Let’s see what Jammable is capable of!

Key Highlights

  • Jammable is an AI-powered music creation platform that offers custom voices and diverse styles for creating unique song covers.
  • Upload voice samples to create custom voices, adding a personalized touch to your AI covers.
  • Share the AI voices you create with the Jammable community, or keep them private.
  • Create duets with up to six AI voices.


Jammable provides a user-friendly platform for AI-powered music creation with affordable pricing plans that appeal to aspiring artists and content creators seeking creative exploration. However, the output quality depends on the uploaded audio quality, and there could be better customization tools.

Pros and Cons

  • The plans are affordable.
  • The tools are user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Duets take seconds to generate and sound great.
  • A growing library of thousands of voice models across different categories, including music, cartoons, anime, and gaming.
  • Explore new renditions of songs and experiment with different styles and genres.
  • The AI Vocal Tools are helpful.
  • There is no free plan.
  • There could be better customization tools, like more tempo control with the duets.
  • The output quality depends on the quality of the uploaded voice sample.
  • Training custom AI voices take a while (1-6 hours).

What is Jammable?

Jammable (formerly Voiceify AI) is an AI song cover generator that lets you create high-quality song covers using famous voices. Its advanced vocal synthesis technology analyzes music input and generates vocals to create unique song covers. It also uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning processes to replicate the voices of famous artists or create entirely new AI voices.

As soon as you create an account, you’ll get access to thousands of celebrity and cartoon voices that you can use to generate song covers and duets in seconds. You can also create custom AI voices to share with the Jammable community and use for song covers!

Jammable is transforming the way music is produced and shared. With a focus on enhancing creativity and expanding musical possibilities, Jammable is paving the way for a new era in music.

Who is Jammable Best For?

Jammable is an excellent tool for anyone exploring the creation of custom AI voices for song covers. However, there are certain types of people Jammable is best for:

  • Independent artists can use Jammable to explore new dimensions in their music production and sound recordings by experimenting with AI-generated voices. They can infuse their music with unique voices, opening up a new world of creativity and reaching new audiences in the dynamic music industry.
  • Content creators can use Jammable for content creation to engage their audience with song covers made with Jammable’s thousands of celebrity and cartoon voices. Creating song covers with AI presents a new way to engage audiences and explore artistic possibilities.
  • Music producers can use Jammable to explore innovative soundscapes by incorporating AI-generated voices into their productions, redefining traditional vocal expression. Jammable streamlines music production and offers a range of celebrity and custom AI voices to create distinctive tracks that stand out in the competitive music market.

Jammable Features

Jammable comes with three main features:

  1. AI Voices
  2. Duets
  3. Custom Voices

1. AI Voices

Jammable AI Voices.

One of the best things about Jammable is its community, which you’ll automatically be a part of when you create a Jammable account.

Under “Features” in the navigation bar, you’ll get access to all of the AI Voices uploaded by the community, which you can use to turn into a cover, add to a duet, or use for text-to-speech. You’ll get access to thousands of unique AI voices that mimic the voices of public figures like Donald Trump or famous artists like Bruno Mars, Juice Wrld, and Adele. You can even create your own custom AI voice and add it to the library for anyone to use!

It even comes with voices in languages like German, Korean, French, and Italian. Search for AI models or filter them by category to find what you want!

2. Duets

Jammable Duets.

Duets is Jammable’s newest feature. This feature lets you upload multiple voices from the AI Voice library to create duets!

This new technology is user-friendly and easy to use. I’ll quickly show you how I created a duet with Spongebob and Plankton voices.

How to Create a Duet with Jammable

Here’s how easy it was for me to create a duet using Jammable’s AI voices.

Adding voices to a Jammable Duet.

I started by hitting the “+” icon to add a voice.

Adding a SpongeBob voice to a Jammable Duet.

From there, I could choose up to six voices for the duet. These voices are from the thousands of AI Voices from the Jammable community.

Pasting a YouTube link and selecting Continue to create a Duet with Jammable.

I hit “Next Stage” and pasted a YouTube link for the voices to sing along to. I selected “Continue.”

Choosing the final settings for a duet made with Jammable.

Jammable asked me the tempo that I wanted:

  • Slow Swaps
  • Just Perfect
  • Super Fast

There are also some optional advanced settings you can turn on, like applying effects and extracting background vocals.

I selected the “Just Perfect” option for the tempo and kept the advanced settings on default. I then hit “Ready to Convert.”

The final duet made with Jammable.

After a few seconds, my duet was ready! I could play a preview, download, and share it.

I was impressed with the sound quality and accuracy of the singing voices! However, I did feel like the tempo was a bit too quick despite choosing the “Just Perfect” tempo option. It would be nice if there were a way for users to control the tempo and determine when the voices swap.

Creating a duet with Jammable was easy, quick, and enjoyable. Anyone can instantly create an AI duet without experience and download or share it.

3. Custom Voices

Jammable custom voices.

The Jammable Custom Voices is a unique feature that lets you create AI-generated song covers using custom voices.

All you have to do is upload acapella vocal files into the Jammable Custom Voices tool to train the AI, which can take 1-6 hours. These files can be in MP3, WAV, or MP4 format. You’ll also want your voices to be raw with no effects, no overlapping vocals, and as little background noise as possible.

Once complete, you can paste a YouTube URL of the song you want your custom voice to cover or drop a song file onto the platform. From there, you can share your custom voice with the community or download it for personal use!

4. AI Vocal Tools

Jammable AI Vocal Tools.

Jammable also comes with three useful AI vocal tools:

  1. AI Acapella Extractor: Extract high-quality acapella.
  2. AI Reverb Remover: Eliminate reverb from vocal recordings.
  3. AI Silence Remover: Remove silence from vocal recordings.

Each tool consumes one credit per output and follows the same simple process:

  1. Paste a YouTube link or drop the original vocal files.
  2. Agree to the Terms of Use and press “Convert.”
  3. Wait 30-60 seconds for the output to be ready.

These AI tools are beneficial for refining vocal tracks. It took me seconds to extract voices with the AI Acapella Extractor for my AI song cover!

How to Use Jammable to Create a Custom AI Voice & Song Cover

Here’s how easy it is to use Jammable to create a custom AI voice and song cover:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Select Custom Voices
  3. Drop a Dataset
  4. Purchase a Voice Pass
  5. Edit Your Voice
  6. Train the AI Model
  7. Generate AI Cover
  8. Add the Final Touches
  9. Preview, Download, or Share

Step 1: Sign Up

Selecting Sign Up on the Jammable hopmepage.

I started by going to the Jammable homepage and selecting “Sign Up” to create an account.

Step 2: Select Custom Voices

Selecting Custom Voices from the list of features available through Jammable.

Next, I went to Features and selected “Custom Voices” to create an AI song cover.

Step 3: Drop a Dataset

Dropping a dataset on the Jammable custom voices tool.

At the top of the page, Jammable asked me to drop a dataset of acapella voices. Depending on the number of custom AI voices you’d like to create, you can drop one or multiple at once.

I touched on this earlier, but you’ll want to upload files in MP3, WAV, or MP4 format. Aiming for raw voices with no effects, overlapping vocals, and as little background noise as possible would be best. You’ll also want to ensure the content is an original voice/song without copyright material.

If you don’t have an acapella, Jammable has an excellent AI Acapella Extractor that allows you to paste a YouTube link or drop a file to extract the acapella. I tried it, and it did a good job automatically extracting the vocals from the background!

Step 4: Purchase a Voice Pass

Purchasing a Voice Pass from Jammable.

Next, I had to buy a voice pass. Jammable has different subscriptions, so choose the one that suits you most. I only wanted to create one custom AI voice, so I purchased the single voice pass.

Step 5: Edit Your Voice

Editing the settings to a custom AI voice made with Jammable.

After purchasing the voice pass, I uploaded my acapella to the Jammable Custom Voice tool! It didn’t take long for my acapella to be uploaded.

The new window that opened allowed me to customize my AI voice how I wanted. I could drop more files to create new voices, select an image to represent my voice, name my voice, and automatically remove instruments and reverb in the advanced settings if needed.

Once everything looked good, I hit “Begin Training.”

Step 6: Train the AI Model

Selecting the trained voice model on my Jammable account.

Jammable began training the AI with my custom voice immediately!

Training can take between 1 and 6 hours, so be patient. Feel free to close the window, as Jammable will notify you via email once the AI is trained.

Before I knew it, I received an email informing me that Jammable had trained my model! I went to the Voices on my account and selected it.

Step 7: Generate AI Cover

Selecting Generate AI Cover after providing an input on a custom AI voice.

Selecting my custom AI voice opened a new window. This new window presented me with a couple of options for how I wanted to use my voice:

  • Create a Conversion: Paste a YouTube link or drop an audio file to create an AI song using the AI model.
  • Duets: Create a duet with multiple AI voices and the custom AI model.
  • Text-to-Speech: Enter the text for the AI model to say. There are a variety of languages, accents, moods, and speeds to customize the speech.

To make an AI-generated song cover using the custom voice I just created, I pasted a YouTube link to a song I wanted my voice to sing along to. You’ll want to ensure your YouTube link/audio file follows Jammable’s DMCA Policy to avoid copyright issues.

From there, I hit “Generate AI Cover.” Each AI cover generated with Jammable consumes one credit.

Step 8: Add the Final Touches

Adding the final touches to an AI song generated with Jammable.

Before converting, Jammable asked for some final touches.

I reviewed and agreed to the Terms of Use and DMCA Policy. Jammable also gave me options for increasing or decreasing the pitch, automatically applying a mix of effects to the vocals, and extracting any background vocals for a cleaner output.

Once everything looked good, I hit “Ready To Convert.”

Step 9: Preview, Download, or Share

The final AI song generated with Jammable.

After a few seconds, my song was ready!

There were three things I could do with the AI song I just generated:

  1. Preview the song by hitting the play button.
  2. Download The song as a combined file, just the acapella or the instruments.
  3. Copy the URL or share it on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter.

Overall, Jammable did an excellent job getting my custom AI voice to sing the song I uploaded. Despite sounding believable, my AI voice was somewhat robotic/distorted.

However, I tested the Duets feature previously and did not get any unwanted “robotic” effects from the voices, so I don’t think this is a flaw in Jammable’s AI technology. Instead, this could be from the voice that I uploaded.

For the best results, ensure the voices you upload are high quality with no background noise or vocals!

Top 3 Jammable Alternatives

Jammable is an excellent tool for creating unique AI song generations using famous voices. However, there are some Jammable alternatives you may also want to check out.


MusicAI’s AI Music Generator lets you quickly make cover songs. After downloading the free software, you can access 10+ famous AI voice models like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Drake. From there, you can select the AI voice model you’d like to use and upload the audio of the song you’d like the model to sing.

The process is simple and follows a process similar to Jammable’s. You can also create custom AI voice clones using the VoxBox feature!

The only downfall with MusicAI is that it only comes with 10+ AI voice models. Meanwhile, Jammable has thousands of AI voices and a growing community that is continuously adding to it. It’s also annoying that you have to download it.

For more realistic AI voices and features, choose MusicAI. Choose Jammable for a growing library of AI voices on an online platform!


Musicfy is another tool that lets you use your voice or other voices to create AI music. It’s online, and you can get started for free with no credit card required!

With Musicfy, you’ll get access to a collection of copyright-free AI voice artists, or you can create your custom AI voice by uploading a voice recording. They also have a stem-splitting feature that will be released soon, meaning you can isolate the vocals and individual instruments from the tracks of any song.

Here are some additional features that come with Musicfy:

  • AI Text to Music: Turn a text prompt into an entire song.
  • AI Parody Voices: Remaster any song with funny parody voices.

For copyright-free AI voices, a stem-splitting feature, parody voices, and the ability to generate an entire song based on a prompt, choose Musicfy. Choose Jammable for famous AI voices, duets, and access to handy AI vocal tools!


VoiceDub homepage.

VoiceDub allows you to create high-quality AI voice covers for songs by substituting the vocals with artificial intelligence. It’s the quickest AI voice cover generator with the broadest range of AI voices available.

Like Jammable, VoiceDub has an extensive library of 10,000+ famous AI voices. These voices are contributions from the VoiceDub community, which is continuously growing!

If you don’t want to use one of the existing AI voices, you can clone your voice to make song covers. VoiceDub also comes with a text-to-speech tool, which takes the pressure off having an audio file for your AI voice to sing to. Lastly, you can join the Discord community if you need help or want to get to know others.

For the quickest generation and the most diverse AI voices, choose VoiceDub. Choose Jammable for the ability to create duets and access handy AI vocal tools!

Jammable Review: Does It Create Good AI Song Covers?

Overall, trying Jammable for myself was a pleasant experience. Navigating through the platform was effortless thanks to its user-friendliness.

However, how your AI song cover comes out depends on the quality of the audio that’s uploaded. While I could recognize the voice on my song cover, it sounded slightly robotic and distorted, which was disappointing.

I tried the Jammable Duets tool to compare and wasn’t disappointed! The voices came out with excellent quality and high levels of clarity.

Despite some hiccups, anyone curious about generating music song covers with AI should try Jammable. It has an extensive, growing library of famous AI voices you can play around with. It’s also an excellent tool for artists, producers, and content creators who want to explore new dimensions of music creation.

Thanks for reading my Jammable review! I hope you found it helpful. I tried to break everything down as clearly as possible so you can try Jammable for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jammable AI free?

Jammable AI is not free. You’ll have to purchase credits for conversions as well as voice passes for every custom voice you create. However, the credits and voice passes are very affordable.

Is Voicify AI worth it?

Voicify AI (Jammable) offers a user-friendly interface and many excellent AI vocal tools. It’s great for independent artists, producers, and content creators who want to create unique AI-generated song covers.

What is Voicify AI?

Voicify AI (Jammable) is an AI song cover generator with thousands of famous AI voices and the option to create your custom AI voice to sing songs.

How do I make AI cover songs with my own voice?

To make AI cover songs with your voice, use Jammable’s Custom Voices feature. Upload a voice recording, adjust the settings, and use your new custom AI model to sing any song you’d like!

How to get AI covers of songs?

Jammable lets you create and download AI covers of songs. All you have to do is select an AI voice from the library, paste a YouTube link, or drop an audio file of the music you want covered. You can then download or share your AI cover!

What is the AI voice song cover generator?

Jammable is a popular AI voice song cover generator that allows you to create AI-generated song covers and duets with ease.

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