InstaHeadshots Review: The Most Realistic AI Headshots?

Having a good corporate headshot can be a make-or-break for business professionals.

It affects the credibility of your brand on LinkedIn and your professional image on your website, impacting whether or not you land the job, get the client, etc. But not everyone has the time, money, or patience to outsource and find a professional photographer to capture the perfect shot.

Luckily, I recently came across InstaHeadshots, which claims to offer the world’s most realistic business AI headshots. You can transform your average selfies into professional headshots that exude confidence and credibility with a few clicks. As someone who has tried the most popular AI headshot generators, I had to see if it is the most realistic!

In this InstaHeadshots review, I’ll explain what InstaHeadshots is, who it’s best for, and how to use it to instantly create a headshot like the one I generated of myself:

A business headshot generated with InstaHeadshots.

From there, I’ll compare InstaHeadshots to the best AI headshot generators I’ve tried. By the end, you’ll know if InstaHeadshots is the right AI headshot generator for you!


InstaHeadshots is an excellent tool for turning your selfies into professional headshots using AI, saving you time and effort from a traditional photo shoot. The results are detailed, with options for choosing your desired clothing color and background style.

Despite lacking customization tools and some results being inaccurate, it’s perfect for beginners for its user-friendly interface and is an excellent option for quick and realistic headshots!


  • Transform your selfies using AI into realistic, professional headshots, saving time, money, and effort from traditional photo shoots.
  • The generated headshots are highly detailed, capturing the unique features and nuances of the individual’s face.
  • Choose from different clothing and background styles for a professional image that aligns with your brand.
  • Great for beginners, with a simple interface that’s easy to navigate.
  • Headshots have minimal to no distortions.


  • There are no built-in image editing tools.
  • There could be more style options.
  • Some of the results are not entirely accurate.

What is InstaHeadshots?

With 800,000+ headshots generated and counting, InstaHeadshots is an AI headshot generator specifically for turning your selfies into professional business headshots perfect for business social media profiles, website branding, or professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. The headshots are incredibly realistic and detailed, making it look like a professional photographer took them!

Here’s a quick rundown of how InstaHeadshots works:

  1. Upload 12+ high-quality front-facing selfies. InstaHeadshots will guide you on what you should avoid in your selfies, like avoiding group photos and not wearing glasses or hats.
  2. The InstaHeadshots AI model analyzes your facial features and learns how to replicate them.
  3. After about 90 minutes, you will have access to your headshots!

Later in the article, I’ll show you how I could quickly and easily generate 40 high-quality headshots to understand better how InstaHeadshots works. But that’s a quick rundown on what InstaHeadshots is and how it works!

Who is InstaHeadshots Best For?

InstaHeadshots is an excellent AI headshot generator for anyone looking to generate high-quality professional business headshots rather than spending time and money on a traditional photo shoot. However, there are specific types of people who benefit the most from using InstaHeadshots:

  • Professionals can use InstaHeadshots to enhance their LinkedIn profile, website, or resume with a professional headshot that creates a solid first impression.
  • Entrepreneurs can quickly generate polished headshots for their business profiles or marketing materials without a photographer.
  • Job seekers can stand out to potential employers with a professional headshot that conveys professionalism and confidence.
  • Creatives like artists, designers, and influencers can use InstaHeadshots to create appealing headshots that align with their brand.
  • Freelancers can use InstaHeadshots for budget-friendly, high-quality headshots for their websites to present themselves professionally and trustworthy to attract more clients.
  • Startups can use InstaHeadshots to create a more professional image of their team at a fraction of the time and price of a traditional photo shoot.
  • Photographers can use InstaHeadshots to expand their services by offering high-quality AI-generated headshots produced quickly and more affordably than a traditional photo shoot.

How to Use InstaHeadshots

Here’s how I used InstaHeadshots to generate headshots in a few simple steps:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Upload Selfies
  3. Select a Package
  4. Check Photos
  5. Confirm & Generate
  6. Download Your Headshots

Step 1: Create an Account

Selecting Create your Headshots on the InstaHeadshots homepage.

I started by selecting “Create your Headshots” on the InstaHeadshots homepage. From there, InstaHeadshots asked me to create an account and profile by asking a few basic questions.

Step 2: Upload Selfies

InstaHeadshot's recommendations on what to avoid when uploading selfies to generate headshots.

Next, InstaHeadshots asked me to upload at least twelve high-quality selfies. My selfies will be the basis for the AI model to learn my facial features and create personalized headshots.

When uploading my selfies, I did my best to choose high-quality photos representing my appearance as accurately as possible. InstaHeadshots provided some guidelines for the types of selfies to avoid for the best results, which I found very helpful:

  • No dark lipstick or heavy makeup.
  • No repeat outfits or backdrops.
  • No old photos.
  • No group shots.
  • No blurry or low-resolution images.
  • No silly faces.
  • No car mirror selfies.
  • No nudity.

You’ll want to upload selfies in different lighting conditions on different days. However, if you’re a little low on selfies and want to take some, here are some tips for capturing a quality selfie for InstaHeadshots:

  • Ensure good lighting: Natural lighting works best, so try to take your selfie in a well-lit area.
  • Use a front-facing camera: This will provide a clear view of your face and allow the AI model to analyze your facial features accurately.
  • Avoid accessories: Remove any glasses or hats obstructing your facial features.

By following these tips and uploading high-quality selfies, you can ensure that the AI model has the best possible data to create your professional headshots.

Twelve selfies uploaded to InstaHeadshots.

I uploaded twelve of my best selfies and hit “Next” to continue.

Step 3: Select a Package

Selecting a package and styles to create headshots with InstaHeadshots.

From there, InstaHeadshots asked me to select one of their headshot packages. It’s a one-time payment with no subscription and a 100% money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk!

I went with the most basic package: 40 headshots in 2 styles. I chose my clothing and background styles on the right and hit “Pay to Create Your Headshots.”

The clothing styles felt slightly limiting (there were only three to choose from), but I was happy with the range of outdoor and indoor backgrounds to choose from.

Step 4: Check Photos

Uploading some new photos to see if InstaHeadshots would accept them.

After submitting my payment, InstaHeadshots checked my uploaded photos for the best results. InstaHeadshots rejected some of my images primarily due to low resolution, but uploading new ones was easy and quick. I hit “Check Photos” to see if my photos passed the test this time, which they did!

Step 5: Confirm & Generate

Confirming photos on InstaHeadshots.

Once InstaHeadshots confirmed my photos, they asked me which photo best represented me. I made my selection and hit “Confirm Photoshoot.”

InstaHeadshots immediately started generating my headshots! Depending on the package selected determined how long it would take for the headshots to generate, which could be up to 120 minutes. I received an email once they were ready.

Step 6: Download Your Headshots

Some headshots generated with InstaHeadshots.

After a few minutes, my AI headshots were ready! As promised, 40 photos were available for download from my account.

InstaHeadshots did an excellent job of understanding and capturing my facial features, with some of the headshots resembling me more accurately than others. I was happy to see a variety of outfits and settings with minimal to no distortions!

Downloading a headshot from InstaHeadshots.

I selected the photos I liked most and instantly downloaded it by hitting the “Download” button.

Top 3 InstaHeadshots Alternatives

While InstaHeadshots is an excellent platform for generating headshots using AI, here are other alternatives I’ve tried that are worth mentioning that may be more suitable for you.

The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI homepage.

The Multiverse AI is the best AI business headshot generator I’ve used for having the quickest, effortless process while maintaining the most realistic and accurate results. It’s also the best option for professionals in the creative field who can generate more artistic headshots using the AI portrait generator.

Here are how my headshots turned out with The Multiverse AI:

AI generated photos made with The Multiverse AI.

I look great in these photos and appreciated the variety of styles and backgrounds The Multiverse AI offered.

Compared to other AI headshot generators like InstaHeadshots, the customization features make The Multiverse AI stand out the most. I could customize some of my headshots using AI text prompts, which I found quick and easy. It took seconds for me to generate this photo of myself with colorful hair:

Professional custom AI headshot of a woman with rainbow hair generated with The Multiverse AI.

The only downfall was a lack of control when customizing my headshots, and The Multiverse AI only had one payment option, which can be limiting for some people. However, they do have a payment option for team headshots.

The Multiverse AI and InstaHeadshots are two of the most popular AI headshot generators on the market, with a user-friendly, easy-to-follow process that takes minutes. However, I was more impressed with the accuracy and quality of the results I received when using The Multiverse AI. Meanwhile, InstaHeadshots is the better option if you’re looking for more flexible pricing and more control over your clothing and background styles.

Read our The Multiverse AI Review or visit The Multiverse AI.


Aragon AI homepage.

Aragon is one of the best AI headshot generators I’ve tried for its impressive realism. The AI model used by Aragon has been trained on a vast dataset of professional headshots, ensuring that the generated headshots capture the unique features and nuances of each individual’s face. Plus, it’s generated far more headshots than InstaHeadshots (31 million and counting), so you know you can trust these guys.

When trying the platform for myself, I was thoroughly impressed with the results:

AI headshots generated with Aragon AI.

My headshots looked natural and professional in various styles and angles. The headshots are so realistic it’s hard to believe they aren’t photos from a photoshoot!

One of my favorite parts about Aragon (and what makes it stand out among other AI headshot generators like InstaHeadshots) was its customization features. In a few clicks, I could use AI to change the background, boost the resolution, and even change my eye color!

Another awesome thing about Aragon was the number of styles I received. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to choose the styles that I wanted. Nonetheless, Aragon didn’t disappoint, and I was happy to be met with endless headshot styles!

Both Aragon and InstaHeadshots present a user-friendly, intuitive process of generating headshots that saves significant amounts of time and money compared to traditional photoshoots. However, Aragon’s headshots looked more accurate to my features and had built-in customization features and more styles. InstaHeadshots is the better choice for more control over the clothing and background styles!

Read our Aragon Review or visit Aragon.


Headpix homepage.

Headpix is another AI headshot generator I’ve tried that I would recommend. Here’s how my headshots came out using Headpix:

Headshots generated by Headpix.

Overall, the headshots’ quality is good, but there are some distortions, particularly in the eyes and teeth. However, the distortions are barely noticeable, and Headpix generates the most headshots out of all the AI headshot generators I’ve tried, so you’re sure to find the ones you like!

Compared to InstaHeadshots, Headpix has more affordable pricing plans. On the more advanced plans, you’ll get more style options, allowing you to select business and casual outfits, as well as studio, office, and outdoor settings.

Headpix and InstaHeadshots are great platforms for generating professional business headshots on user-friendly platforms. For the most headshots at a great price and in various styles, choose Headpix. Otherwise, InstaHeadshots is a great choice!

Read our Headpix Review or visit Headpix.

InstaHeadshots Review: The Most Realistic Business AI Headshots?

What initially caught my attention about InstaHeadshots was its claim of being the “world’s most realistic AI headshot generator.” While InstaHeadshots undoubtedly generates high-quality, professional headshots to be used on LinkedIn, your website, and more to attract more clients and opportunities, other AI generators (particularly The Multiverse AI and Aragon) generate more accurate headshots.

Regardless, I was impressed with how easy the process was for me to upload selfies and generate professional headshots in minutes using InstaHeashots! I also appreciated how I could select the color of my clothes and background preferences for better results on the most basic plan. My biggest complaint is that there are no customization features, but I’m sure InstaHeadshots will incorporate this in the future.

Thanks for reading my InstaHeadshots review! I hope you found it helpful. My goal with this article was to give you an honest, comprehensive review of the platform so you can choose the AI headshot generator that best suits your needs. Try InstaHeadshots for yourself and see if it’s right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a professional headshot photo look like?

A professional headshot photo is a high-quality image that captures an individual’s facial features professionally. It typically includes a clear and focused view of the face, often with business attire, and is commonly used for professional purposes, such as on LinkedIn profiles or business websites.

What is a headshot photo?

A headshot is a professional photograph focusing on an individual’s face and shoulders commonly used for LinkedIn profiles, business websites, or marketing materials. A headshot photo aims to capture an individual’s professionalism, personality, and unique features.

Can a headshot be a selfie?

While a headshot can be a selfie, ensuring it meets the professional headshot criteria is crucial. However, casual selfies may not meet the standards required for a professional headshot. My advice is to use Insta Headshots and other AI headshot generators to quickly turn your selfies into professional headshots at a fraction of the cost of a traditional photo shoot.

What is the best AI headshot generator?

The best AI headshot generator I’ve tried is The Multiverse AI. The process is quick and easy, and the results are high-quality and accurate.

However, the best AI headshot generator for you depends on your individual preferences and needs. Consider factors such as the quality of the generated headshots, the user experience of the platform, and reviews from other users. InstaHeadshots, Aragon, and Headpix are other AI headshot generators I’ve tried that I would recommend.

Can AI make a professional headshot free?

While some AI headshot generators are free, it’s important to note that the quality and customization options may be limited compared to paid options. Free AI headshot generators will likely offer basic features and a limited number of generated headshots, so I highly recommend paying for AI-generated headshots like InstaHeadshots. You’ll get more advanced customization options and higher-quality headshots. You’ll only need to pay once for quality headshots and save hundreds of dollars compared to traditional photoshoots.

Are AI headshots any good?

Based on my experience using the most popular AI headshot generators, AI headshots are usually of excellent quality and will save you hundreds of dollars compared to traditional photoshoots. Advancements in AI technology have created headshots that are indistinguishable from actual photos.

However, it is essential to note that the quality may vary depending on the AI model and the inputs provided. Comparing different AI headshot generators and considering user reviews like this can help determine their quality and suitability for specific needs!

How much do AI headshots cost?

The cost of AI headshots can vary depending on the platform and the package chosen. However, AI headshots are affordable, especially compared to traditional photoshoots. You’ll get hundreds of AI-generated headshots in minutes!

Are AI headshots worth it?

Based on my experience using the most popular AI headshot platforms, I can confidently say that AI headshots are worth it for individuals and businesses looking for cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for professional headshots. They’re a fraction of the price of traditional photoshoots, and you’ll get hundreds of high-quality headshots in minutes!

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