Google To Personalize Search Results To Your Previous Searches

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Google also announced that later this year, in the US, Google will make it easier for you to find your favorite sites by showing you sites you view more often, more often in the search results. Plus, Google will make the search results more personalized with Perspectives, highlight more creator profiles and more.

Google explained that sites you visit more often may be more likely to appear at the top of your search results. Those result will be labeled as “you visit often” and Google will also show that it was ranked higher because you visit the site within the about this result feature.

Google may show a label that you visit this page or site often.

I guess that means that click-through rate improves rankings but that would be your click through rate on sites you visit often impact your specific and personalized rankings in Google Search.

Perspectives will also get an update to show you content from social media platforms, forums and other communities, including blog posts.

Plus those content creators will be highlighted with their face, the social network, follower count and maybe more. We saw this being tested:

Google Search Follower Count Snippet 1682424555

This is expanding perspectives:

And it is not ranking specific:

I did ask about content vs authors and Danny answered it the same way to Lily Ray that he did to me:

I should note that the previous query looks at your history and will use that to show you personalized results. It is unclear how much of your history and the only way to turn it off is to turn off all personalization or use Google signed out. To opt out, you can tap on “About This Result” via the three dots , tap on “Manage personal results” and toggle off “Show personal results.”

I should note that with all these announcements, the tone has been more around how Google has lost its way and is adding unnecessary features that are more a distraction than useful. That is what I am seeing from the community.

Forum discussion at X.

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