Google: Stop Thinking What Should I Do For Google When Writing Content

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Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, said that you need to stop thinking, “What should I do for Google” when you are writing content. He said just think what you need to do for your readers and leave everything else out of mind when it comes to the content you are writing.

“I’d encourage you (or anyone) to stop thinking “What should I do for Google” in terms of content production,” Sullivan wrote on X.

This was a follow up to the advice to recipe bloggers story we wrote earlier this week.

“How you’re going to write, what you’re going to write, how long you’re going to write — non-technical aspects like that,” he added. Sullivan explained, “Instead, do what you think is best for your readers. Do think about Google. Think about your readers. Do what they are going to find helpful. That’s what our ranking systems seek to reward.”

Yes this is more of the same but Danny keeps repeating himself over and over again for some reason.

Here are those tweets:

Forum discussion at X.

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