Google Showing Less Image Boxes In Search Results?

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Google may be showing fewer image boxes in its search results. SimilarWeb’s RankRanger tool and Semrush tool shows a large drop in the number of image boxes Google is showing in the search results.

Previously, SimilarWeb/RankRanger said Google showed image boxes for 17 to 12% of the queries the tool tracked, now it is showing up for only 5% of queries. Here is that chart:

Rankranger Google Image Box

Previously, Semrush said Google shows the image boxes 49%, and now it shows it down to 44%. Here is that chart:

Semrush Google Image Box

Here is what the image box looks like:

Google Image Box

Maybe with the recent changes to this image box the tracking tools are having an issue picking it up or maybe Google made a change to how often it shows?

Nice find Ryan Mews:

Forum discussion at X.

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