Google Introduces AR Beauty Ads, Promote Products With Virtual Try-On

Google has launched a new advertising product called AR Beauty Ads, which allows beauty brands to promote their products using augmented reality (AR) technology. The interactive ads feature virtual try-on capabilities that aim to showcase items in a more engaging way.

AR Beauty ads are now available for lip and eye makeup products, with foundation products being added soon. In place of a static product image, brands can display a customized try-on experience tailored to each user.

When browsing or searching for beauty items, users may now encounter these immersive ads that invite them to virtually “try on” lipstick, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics. This provides a personalized preview of products while brands receive the benefit of more interactive promotions.

According to Google, early tests of this technology indicate that shoppers are more likely to spend time on a brand’s website and consider purchases after engaging with AR-enabled ads.

The launch of AR Beauty ads represents a significant expansion of Google’s existing suite of AR beauty tools. The company first introduced virtual try-on capabilities nearly three years ago, beginning with lipstick. Since then, AR-based shopping for other products like eyeshadow, foundation, and hair color has grown in popularity.

This growth has led more major brands to partner with Google on AR experiences. Over 50 beauty companies now leverage Google’s AR technology, including L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, and more. The platform has also expanded the number of third-party data providers it works with to create digital assets.

New AR Tools for Hair Color and Foundation

Alongside AR Beauty ads, Google is bringing many of its AR try-on experiences to mobile browsers. Previously limited to the Google app, these tools will now be accessible across more touchpoints. This increases the reach and visibility of AR beauty features for both consumers and brands.

Starting today, Google is introducing a new AR beauty category that allows shoppers to try on hair colors virtually. When browsing at-home hair dyes from L’Oreal brands, shoppers can see how different shades might look on their hair or a diverse range of models.

An updated foundation try-on feature is also being rolled out. Rather than just viewing foundation shades on preset models, shoppers can now virtually apply them to their faces for a personalized preview.

These new AR tools will be available on the Google app and mobile browsers, expanding their reach substantially. The company plans to bring virtual try-on capabilities for eye makeup and lip products to the mobile web over the coming weeks.

More Brands Embrace AR with Google

As AR beauty features become more popular with shoppers, Google states that more brands are leveraging these technologies to better connect with consumers. According to the company, shoppers are more likely to spend time on a brand’s site and potentially purchase after engaging with AR beauty tools.

Over 50 major beauty brands now offer virtual try-ons through AR on Google, including L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, and more. Google has also expanded the number of data providers it works with to create digital assets for AR experiences.

And now, brands have a new option to promote their products using AR – Google is introducing AR Beauty ads. Advertisers can replace static product images with interactive virtual try-on previews.

With these latest advancements, Google aims to transform the online shopping experience for both consumers and brands in the beauty industry.

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