Google: Avoid Including Prices Of Flights In Your Title Tags

Google Plane

Google has updated its title links help documentation to say it is best to avoid including flight price information in title elements. Google said this is because flight prices rapidly change and if you show one price to a searcher and then they click over from Google to your page and it is a different price, that can lead to a bad experience.

Google posted the update over here, it reads:

Avoid including flight price information in title elements. Our systems will likely not show price information when generating title links for flight pages. This is because pricing for flights can change so fast (sometimes every few minutes), that what’s shown in title links may not correspond to the actual price on the landing page.

Here is a screenshot outlining the new section:

Google Title Flight Best Practices

So what do I do, I go to Google and see if Google shows prices in the title link and they do:

Google Search Flight Price Titles

This new line was added this morning, on November 15, 2023.

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