Google Ads API Version 16.1 Now Available

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Google released version 16.1 of the Google Ads API yesterday. The update includes query assets for Demand Gen, more location service details, more support warnings, Target ROAS bid simulation and more.

This is a minor release update since the last update, Version 16 in February 2024. Before that was version 15 back in October 2023. Then before that was version 14.1 which was released in August. Version 13.1 preceded this new version, which was released in April 2023. Version 12.0 was released in October 2022, Version 11.0 of the Google Ads API was released in June, and version 11.1 was in August. Also Version 10.1 was released on April 27, 2022 and version 10.0 was released on February 9, 2022. And Google has sunset the AdWords API on April 27th which will completely stop working at the end of July.

Here are the release notes for version 16.1:

Account Management

CustomerNegativeCriterion.ip_block which supports adding an IP as a negative criterion at the customer level.

New enum value: ProductLinkError.LINK_EXISTS.

New enum value: ProductLinkInvitationError.CUSTOMER_NOT_PERMITTED_TO_CREATE_INVITATION.


Support for assets related to Demand Gen to ad_group_ad_asset_view and asset_field_type_view.

New enum value: AssetFieldType.DISCOVERY_CAROUSEL_CARD.


New enum value: ResourceLimitType.LOOKALIKE_USER_LISTS_PER_CUSTOMER which limits the number of lookalike user lists a customer can have to 1000.


Support for returning Target ROAS campaign bid simulations for App campaigns using the campaign_simulation report.

New enum value: AdGroupPrimaryStatusReason.AD_GROUP_PAUSED_DUE_TO_LOW_ACTIVITY.


SkAdNetworkConversionValueSchema.postback_mappings which supports SKAdNetwork 4.0 features.

Added support for warnings for CustomerSkAdNetworkConversionValueSchemaService as MutateCustomerSkAdNetworkConversionValueSchemaRequest.enable_warnings. When set to true, any non-blocking errors pertaining to operation failures will be returned as MutateCustomerSkAdNetworkConversionValueSchemaResponse.warning.

New enum values in CustomerSkAdNetworkConversionValueSchemaError:


New fields in BrandInfo:
New enum: BrandRequestRejectionReason.
New enum value: CriterionType.LIFE_EVENT.


New enum value: ExperimentError.INVALID_DURATION_FOR_AN_EXPERIMENT.

Local Services

local_services_lead.credit_details.credit_state and local_services_lead.credit_details.credit_state_last_update_date_time which returns the state of credit and the timestamp when the credit state was updated, respectively.
local_services_lead_conversation.message_details.attachment_urls which returns the URLs that can be used to download the contents of the attachment.


customer.video_brand_safety_suitability and BrandSafetySuitability which support retrieving video brand safety suitability at the customer level.

New enum value: VideoCampaignError.MUTATE_REQUIRES_RESERVATION.

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