Duda Adds SEO Automation To Their AI Assistant for Enhanced Efficiency

Duda, the closed-source website builder for developers and SEO agencies, announced a new SEO automation to complement their existing AI Assistant tool, increasing the ability to scale SEO while simultaneously decreasing costs of servicing clients.

The new SEO component allows companies to scale specific SEO tasks, improving efficiency and client satisfaction.

Duda AI Assistant

Duda has a strong emphasis on serving the needs of agencies and developers who build and manage websites for their clients at scale.

Ease of deployment of attractive and functional websites are core to Duda’s platform and so is SEO.

Duda has been a leading exponent of deploying solutions that help agencies scale their services.

That’s why Duda has been a leader in deploying AI to their platform to offer users the ability to leverage the technology to better serve clients.

The Duda AI Assistant, a part of that focus of helping heir users scale, offers the ability to create, edit and revise content with AI, personalize at scale, and quickly build websites.

Duda announced the addition of an SEO component to their AI assistant to round out the offerings that increases implementation of metadata by a factor of five to ten times.

It achieves these capabilities with built-in prompts, automating the process of analyzing web content and adding titles and meta descriptions site-wide at scale.

These kinds of capabilities were at one time only available at enterprise-levels at significant cost but are built-into Duda’s standard offerings at no extra cost.

Duda’s announcement explains:

“Instead of manually creating these for each site page, users can now instantly generate meta titles and description tags for all site pages from a single dashboard.

Users can generate new meta tags for the entire site at once, or view and generate only missing tags, across multiple site languages.”

Duda’s website builder platform was already a game-changer for many agencies and developers because it allowed them to service far more customers than without having to add more employees, thereby reducing costs while simultaneously increasing revenues.

The SEO component of their AI assistant builds on top of those benefits, keeping Duda in the top ranks of website builders.

Read Duda’s announcement:

Duda Launches Industry-Leading AI-Powered SEO Assistant

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