DeepL Write: New AI Editor Improves Content Quality

DeepL, the makers of the DeepL Translator, announced a new product called DeepL Write, an AI real-time editor that is powered by their own Large Language Model (LLM) that improves content at the draft stage, preserving the tone and voice of the writer.

Unlike many other AI writing tools, DeepL Write is not a content generator, it’s an editor that offers suggestions for what words to choose, how best to phrase ideas, proofreading your documents so that they sound professional and in the right tone and voice. Plus the usual spelling, grammar, and punctuation improvements.

According to DeepL:

“Unlike common generative AI tools that auto-populate text, or rules-based grammar correction tools, DeepL Write Pro acts as a creative assistant to writers in the drafting process, elevating their text with real-time, AI-powered suggestions on word choice, phrasing, style, and tone.

This unique approach sparks a creative synergy between the user and the AI that transforms text while preserving the writer’s authentic voice. DeepL Write Pro’s strength lies in its ability to give writers a sophisticated boost in their communication, regardless of language proficiency—empowering them to find the perfect words for any situation or audience.”

Enterprise Grade Security

DeepL write also comes with TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. TLS is a is a protocol that’s used to encrypt data sent between an app and a server, commonly used for email and instant messaging and it’s also the technology that is behind HTTPS which keeps websites secure.

In addition to keeping the documents secure DeepL write also comes with a text deletion feature to ensure that all documents are secure and nothing is stored online.

Standalone and With DeepL Translator Integration

DeepL Write is available as a standalone app and as part of a suite together with DeepL Translator. The integration with DeepL Translator makes it an advanced tool for creating documentation that can be rewritten into another language in the right tone and style.

At this time DeepL Write Pro is available in English and German, with more languages becoming available soon.

The standalone product is available in a free version with limited text improvements and a Pro version that costs $10.99 per month.

DeepL Write Pro comes with the following features:

  • Maximum data security
  • Unlimited text improvements
  • Unlimited use of alternatives
  • Unlimited use of writing styles
  • Team administration

There is also an Enterprise level named DeepL Write for Business which is for organizations that need it for 50 or more users.

DeepL Write Pro

Many publishers and search marketers who depended on AI for generating content have reported having lost rankings during the last Google Core Algorithm update in March. Naturally many publishes are hesitant to give AI a try for generating content.

DeepL Write Pro offers an alternative use of AI for content in the form of a virtual editor that can help to polish up a human’s writing and help make it more concise, professional and in the correct style and tone.

One of the things that stands between a passable document and a great document is good writing, something that an editor is useful for elevating content to a higher quality. Given the modest price and the value that a good editor provides, the timing for this kind of product couldn’t be better.

Read more at DeepL Write Pro

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