Deepening Google Core Ranking Volatility Hits Yesterday & Today

Google Logo Crash Burn

I know we just reported on more volatility this Monday, possibly related to the Google March 2024 core update, but we are seeing even more volatility over the past 24 hours related to this update. This volatility shows deepening movement for those who were hit, which is incredibly sad in many cases.

I am seeing a spike in chatter from those who are already hit hard by both the Septemebr 2023 helpful content update, who saw additional big declines with the March 2024 core update get hit even harder.

The automated Google tracking tools aren’t showing the big swings yet, maybe it has just been super volatile it doesn’t know what to make of it. 🙂

But the chatter did spike and also Glenn Gabe documented more surges in the past day or so.

SEO Chatter

Here is what Glenn Gabe posted his daily update and wrote on X, “We are now 44 days into the rollout of the March core update and it’s been quite the ride so far. Huge surges, drops, reversals, and more. For today’s update, I had to cover sites heavily impacted by the September HCU(X) AGAIN. The reason? I’m seeing many of those sites *drop more* as of yesterday into today. It’s hard to believe they could drop more (most are destroyed right now), but that’s what I’m seeing. I have included several screenshots below of the latest drop…”

Here is one chart:


And he added some HCU damage saying, “Tanking with the Sep HCU(X), down more over time, then dropping heavily with the March core update, and now even more over the past day or so. Not good. Not good at all. Again, stay tuned.”

Here is one of those chart:


Here are more:

Here is some of the new chatter at WebmasterWorld and the comments here:

Total S#$# today!!!! All traffic down to zero.

significantly worse than yesterday for sure. But we will see…

Indeed! Yesterday I had 250 hits to this time, today only 20…. what is happening?

Same, yesterday was a bit better but today again 50% down


High volatility today…

Next big drop overnight. And again google hit the last converting pages. And again we are replaced by crap websites with very low content, bad description and sometimes completly unrelated.

This update has realy nothing to do with quality but killing all free business traffic.

Google Tracking Tools

As you can see, the tools are showing calming volatility over the past 24-hours, so maybe the chatter is a bit ahead of the tools or maybe not – maybe it is just a delayed reaction? But I am pretty sure we saw more waves in the past day or so.





Advanced Web Rankings:
















Cognitive SEO:


More Google Update Stories

Here are our previous stories on these updates:

What are you all seeing?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Friday Blip

Update on Friday April 19th: Seeing a bit of a spike in the tools and some increase in charter in the comments below. It is not yet at levels where I am comfortable doing a new story, yet. Here are a couple of screenshots documenting that:





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