Deal Dive: An AI application that isn’t just marginally better

Since the AI frenzy started over a year ago, we’ve seen many, um, interesting use cases for the tech that’s been deemed the greatest innovation since the internet. From AI meant to help sales folks be 5% faster, to AI bots that teach you to understand your human relationships, to AI that writes for you — just not 100% accurately.

But, of course, many companies are using AI to build actual solutions to real problems. Pippin Title is one of them.

Pippin Title works to make it easier for companies like banks or mortgage providers to find information on real estate titles and purchases. The company uses AI and machine learning to find documents that are stored in fragmented online databases. For the documents that haven’t been uploaded yet, Pippin has a network of folks on the ground who can retrieve these publicly available docs in person, too.

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