Daily Papers and AI News Tracking(12.19)

Daily Papers

1.An In-depth Look at Gemini’s Language Abilities ( paper )

2.From Google Gemini to OpenAI Q* (Q-Star): A Survey of Reshaping the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Landscape ( paper )

3.GAvatar: Animatable 3D Gaussian Avatars with Implicit Mesh Learning ( paper | webpage )

4.SCEdit: Efficient and Controllable Image Diffusion Generation via Skip Connection Editing ( paper | webpage )

5.VidToMe: Video Token Merging for Zero-Shot Video Editing ( paper | webpage )

6.Rich Human Feedback for Text-to-Image Generation ( paper )

7.PolyDiff: Generating 3D Polygonal Meshes with Diffusion Models ( paper )

AI News

1.OpenAI published a new safety preparedness framework for managing AI ( link )

2.Technical Considerations for Complex RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) ( link )

3.World’s Best Opensource 7B Model: OpenChat-3.5-1210 ( link )

4.NLP Research in the Era of LLMs ( link )

5.Develop Your First AI Agent: Deep Q-Learning ( link )

6.Google Bard update ( link )

AI Repo

1. mhdang/dpo-sdxl-text2image-v1 ( huggingface)

2.OpenAI/weak-to-strong ( repo )

3.local.ai – Run AI locally on your PC! ( repo )

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