Bing Lets You Turn Off AI Responses But Google Doesn't Let You Turn Off AI Overviews

Bing Robot Light Switch

Google has been rolling out AI Overviews in its search results since last week and more and more searchers are super unhappy that there is no way to turn off the AI Overviews. Michael Schechter, a Vice President at Microsoft, shared a screenshot in Bing, on how you can turn off Copilot responses in Bing Search with the click of a button.

In short, you can easily turn off the Copilot, Microsoft’s AI answers, within the Bing search results by toggling the features off in Bing Search settings.

Here is a screenshot:

Bing Turn Off Microsoft Copilot Setting

The setting reads, “Copilot response on result page: Choose if you want to see Copilot responses on the search result page.” And there is another setting that reads, “Scroll to open Copilot: Choose whether you would like Copilot to open when you scroll/swipe up at the top of the page.”

Then I saw this post on X from Michael Schechter:

What would be the downside of Google adding a search setting to turn these off? What am I missing by having this as a setting?

At least, this is one more respectable dig Bing can make at Google.

Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, wrote on Mastodon that he “encouraged” Google to add a way to hide or turn off AI Overviews. He wrote, “We don’t offer that. I understand that’s something many people would like. It’s also something I’ve encouraged us to offer. No promises on that, but I’ll add this to my feedback where people say they’d like that.”

He said you can use the new Web filter to remove AI Overviews, but that removes all the other features. He said, “As for “AI Overviews,” the new Web filter removes them after you do a search.”

Forum discussion at X.

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