AIGC Weekly | #46

Top Papers of the week(Dec 11 – Dec 17)

1.Mathematical discoveries from program search with large language models (paper)

2.Using GPT-2 to Fine-tune GPT-4:Weak-to-strong generalization ( openai research | paper )

3.Audiobox: Where anyone can make a sound with an idea (webpage | meta blog | paper )

4.Context Tuning for Retrieval Augmented Generation ( paper )

5.Segment and Caption Anything( paper | webpage)

6.Dense X Retrieval: What Retrieval Granularity Should We Use? ( paper )

7.Beyond Human Data: Scaling Self-Training for Problem-Solving with Language Models( paper )

8.Pearl: A Production-ready Reinforcement Learning Agent ( paper )

9.A Survey of Large Language Models in Medicine: Principles, Applications, and Challenges ( paper )

10.SEEAvatar: Photorealistic Text-to-3D Avatar Generation with Constrained Geometry and Appearance( paper | webpage )

AIGC News of the week(Dec 11 – Dec 17)

1.Stability AI Releases 3D Object Generation Model. Introducing Stable Zero123: Quality 3D Object Generation from Single Images( stabilityAI news )

2.Google Releases Gemini Pro API.It’s time for developers and enterprises to build with Gemini Pro ( Google blog )

3.Outfit Anyone: Ultra-high quality virtual try-on for Any Clothing and Any Person( huggingface space )

4.Microsoft’sPhi-2: The surprising power of small language models ( Microsoft Research Blog | paper )

5.NeurIPS 2023 tutorial: Language Models meet World Models( link )

6.Mixture of Experts Explained (huggingface blog)

7.Introducing General World Models (runwayml research)

8.Mixtral of experts: A high quality Sparse Mixture-of-Experts.( mistralAI news)

Daily Papers of the week(Dec 11 – Dec 17)

  1. 12-11

  2. 12-12

  3. 12-13

  4. 12-14

  5. 12-15

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