AIGC Weekly | #44

Top Papers of the week(Nov 27 – Dec 03)


2.Qwen-72B approaches GPT-4 on many task except coding (Technical Report | code | model )

3.DeepSeek-67B approaches GPT-4 on reasoning tasks (code | model )

4.CoDi-2: In-Context, Interleaved, and Interactive Any-to-Any Generation(paper | webpage )

5.GAIA: Zero-shot Talking Avatar Generation(paper | webpage)

6.One-step Diffusion with Distribution Matching Distillation(paper | webpage)

7.Diffusion Models Without Attention(paper)

8.Initializing Models with Larger Ones(paper | code )

9.Language Models: A Guide for the Perplexed(paper)

10.TLcontrol: Trajectory and Language Control for Human Motion Synthesis(paper | webpage)

11.Visual Anagrams: Generating Multi-View Optical Illusions with Diffusion Models(paper | webpage)

12.Clearer Frames, Anytime: Resolving Velocity Ambiguity in Video Frame Interpolation(paper | webpage)

AIGC News of the week(Nov 27 – Dec 03)

1.Seamless Communication:A significant step towards removing language barriers through expressive, fast and high-quality AI translation(metaAI)

2.Generative AI to Become a $1.3 Trillion Market by 2032, Research Finds(link)

3.Using GPTs as Team Members(link)

4.langchain blog: 1.OpenAI’s Bet on a Cognitive Architecture 2.Adding Long Term Memory to OpenGPTs

5.The AI Battlefield Engineering – What You Need To Know(link)

6.Information Retrieval: Who wins, GPT-4-Turbo or a RAG based on GPT4?(repo)

7.Interview: Sam Altman on being fired and rehired by OpenAI(news)

8.RAGs To Riches: Bringing Wandbot into Production(link)

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