AIGC周刊 | 第41期

时间: 2023.8.14-2023.8.20


  1. Self-Alignment with Instruction Backtranslation

  2. Platypus: Quick, Cheap, and Powerful Refinement of LLMs

  3. A Survey on Model Compression for Large Language Models

  4. Predicting transcriptional outcomes of novel multigene perturbations with GEARS

  5. Shepherd: A Critic for Language Model Generation

  6. Solving Challenging Math Word Problems Using GPT-4 Code Interpreter with Code-based Self-Verification

  7. Teach LLMs to Personalize — An Approach inspired by Writing Education

  8. OctoPack: Instruction Tuning Code Large Language Models

  9. Efficient Guided Generation for Large Language Models

  10. Bayesian Flow Networks

  11. AI Assistance in Legal Analysis: An Empirical Study

  12. Exploring the Intersection of Large Language Models and Agent-Based

    Modeling via Prompt Engineering

  13. Dolma: An Open Corpus of 3 Trillion Tokens for Language Model Pretraining Research




  14. WizardMath论文

  15. AutoGen: Enabling Next-Gen LLM Applications via Multi-Agent Conversation Framework

  16. CoDeF: Content Deformation Fields for Temporally Consistent Video Processing


  17. BOLAA: Benchmarking and Orchestrating LLM-augmented Autonomous Agents

  18. How is LLaMa.cpp possible?

  19. 改动一行代码,PyTorch训练三倍提速,这些高级技术是关键


  1. Large Language Models and Transformers

  2. Large Language Model Day (LLM Day) ACM KDD 2023

  3. PEFT: Prompt 系列高效调参原理解析


  1. 对话Deepmind, 英伟达大语言模型专家

    a. AI Agent智能体与开源LLM的应用、挑战与未来(上)

    b. AI Agent智能体与开源LLM的应用、挑战与未来(下)

  2. OpenAI的首次公开收购,为什么是这家仅成立两年的八人设计公司?

  3. Y Combinator最新一期AI项目盘点,一文读懂海外最前沿的AI创业方向

  4. Inworld CEO:我是注册AI域名最早的一批人;上一个项目卖给谷歌,现在放弃退休,想要打造平行世界的人口!


  1. GodMode – the smol AI Chat Browser

  2. stabilityai/control-lora

  3. AI-town


  4. Inst-Inpaint: Instructing to Remove Objects with Diffusion Models

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