A leading clinical research organisation with an academic advantage

MHICC is a clinical research organisation and trusted partner in the execution of investigator-initiated trials and pharmaceutical/biotech clinical programmes with decentralised trial solutions.

The Montreal Health Innovations Coordinating Center (MHICC) is a full-service academic clinical research organisation (CRO) servicing the academic community and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutritional and medical device industries.

The MHICC’s flexible, dynamic and fully integrated ‘a la carte’ services will support your Phase I to IV clinical projects, from protocol conception, data management, and biostatistics to delivery of clinical study reports.

Founded in 2001 to accompany growing clinical research activities in cardiology at the globally recognised Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), the MHICC scope has since expanded across multiple therapeutic areas.

Academic or private CRO?

There are pros and cons to either one. The academic clinical research organisation will harness scientific and medical expertise at lower fees, often with tools and systems that may not fully meet the regulatory requirements and/or the sponsor’s expectations.

On the other hand, the private CRO will propose advanced platforms that meet the regulatory requirements but with a hefty price tag. Luckily, you no longer have to choose!

The MHICC represents the best of both worlds. Offering state-of-the-art digital platforms and tools (CTMS, eTMF, eCRF, eQMS, safety database, etc.), this academic CRO distinguishes itself through its ability to conduct hybrid or decentralised clinical trials while remaining affordable. Our new MeTRO platform eases patient involvement throughout the clinical evaluation process, thus allowing patients to participate in studies from the comfort of their homes.

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The academic advantage

With nearly 25 years of experience conducting clinical trials with globally renowned investigators, the MHICC has established itself as a reliable partner to drive your projects forward.

Being an academic institution, the potential for joint submission of grant proposals for projects with the greatest potential to advance health-related fundamental or health outcomes becomes a clear advantage. With its commitment to helping and supporting researchers and start-ups to carry their innovations to the finish line, the MHICC is your partner of choice.

Numerous discoveries made in academic laboratories end up shelved because of a lack of strategic development. The chain of innovation that brings lab discovery to the market is too often fragmented or incomplete. The MHICC fills the gap, playing a key role in the strategic path and navigating through all clinical trial phases that lead to commercialisation.

Whether you are an investigator or a pharmaceutical/MedTech firm, the tailored-fee approach based on the range of technology can accommodate all your research needs. The MHICC’s unique positioning further distinguishes itself by its access to MHI-integrated state-of-the-art capabilities in pharmacogenomics, imaging biomarkers, biobank and core laboratories.

Why partner with a Canadian CRO?

Canada is a highly regulated market, and through Horizon Europe’s funding programme, exciting new opportunities for international collaboration will develop, strengthening the impact of research and innovation in tackling major global challenges.

Montreal’s growing popularity is seen as the perfect equilibrium between Europe and America. The MHICC installations are nested within a unique health science ecosystem formed of four universities, multiple world-class research centres, institutes and major academic hospitals.

Furthermore, as a growth strategy for the province’s economy, the Québec Government has prioritised the health sciences sector. In this evolving ecosystem, the MHICC is multiplying its collaborations with new clinical trial players with the same objective to improve clinical research and ultimately improve patient lives worldwide.

What else do you need to optimise your clinical trial?

First and foremost, access to patients is critical. Patient enrolment is a given, but retention and follow-up are equally important.

At the MHICC, we conduct patient-centred trials using virtual and/or hybrid models. For traditional trials, we choose suitable sites from our global network of research physicians and collaborators (4,500 clinical sites across 35 countries).

To enhance participant experience as well as to drive higher quality outcomes, the MHICC connects with its patient partnerships. Patient engagement is increasingly recognised as an integral part of healthcare and a critical component of clinical trials.

Given the complexity and challenges of a clinical programme, it is crucial to partner with an experienced team and a network of key opinion leaders to help you design and deliver your trial. Our track record speaks for itself, with over two decades of experience working alongside our network of key opinion leaders across the globe. The expansion of virtual trials has led to a more collaborative work-type environment, and this network is constantly evolving.

Our passion, dedication and expertise are only a call away. If you need a full-service clinical research organisation with the feel of a tight-knit family, look no further. Together, we will lead your trial to success.

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