5 Best AI SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Generators in 2024

In today’s fast-paced business world, creating and maintaining standard operating procedures (SOPs) is crucial for ensuring consistency, efficiency, and quality across an organization. However, the process of creating SOPs can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where AI-powered SOP generators come into play, improving the way businesses create, update, and manage their SOPs.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top AI SOP generators that can help streamline your operations and boost productivity.

Guidde is an innovative AI-powered platform that simplifies the process of creating comprehensive how-to guides, training materials, onboarding documentation, FAQs, and standard operating procedures. By leveraging generative AI, Guidde automatically produces step-by-step video documentation, making it easy for teams to share knowledge with customers and employees.

One of the standout features of Guidde is its ability to automatically generate storylines as users record their workflows. This means that the platform can create a detailed, step-by-step description of the process being documented, saving users significant time and effort. Additionally, Guidde offers a wide range of AI-generated voiceovers in various languages, allowing users to add narration to their videos without the need for recording their own voice.

Guidde’s intuitive video editor makes it easy to customize auto-generated videos by adding annotations, blurring sensitive information, and incorporating branding elements. The platform also provides smart sharing options, enabling users to share guides with a simple link, embed them in web pages, or export them to multiple formats. Moreover, Guidde offers analytics features that provide valuable insights into the performance of video guides, helping teams to optimize their content and improve engagement.

Key features of Guidde:

  • Automatic storyline creation: Guidde uses GPT to generate step-by-step descriptions of your workflow as you record it.
  • AI-generated voiceovers: Choose from a wide range of AI voices in various languages to narrate your videos effortlessly.
  • Intuitive video editor: Easily customize auto-generated videos with annotations, blur sensitive information, and add branding.
  • Smart sharing: Share guides anywhere with a link, embed them, or export to multiple formats.
  • Analytics: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your video guides.

ClickUp is a versatile project management and collaboration platform that offers a range of tools and features to help teams optimize their workflows. Among these features is the ability to create and manage standard operating procedure documentation using customizable templates.

ClickUp provides users with a variety of pre-built SOP templates designed for different use cases, such as AI projects, online review management, nitrogen generator operation, contract pricing, and soap production. These templates serve as a starting point for teams to create their own SOPs, saving time and ensuring consistency across the organization.

One of the key benefits of using ClickUp for SOP management is the ability to customize templates to fit the specific needs of a team or organization. This flexibility allows teams to create SOPs that align with their unique processes and workflows. Additionally, the clear instructions provided by well-crafted SOPs can significantly improve efficiency and productivity, as team members have a reliable reference for executing tasks consistently.

Key features of Clickup SOP:

  • Pre-built SOP templates: ClickUp provides various templates for different use cases, such as AI projects, online review management, and contract pricing.
  • Customization: Templates can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a team or organization.
  • Improved efficiency: Clear instructions provided by SOPs enhance productivity and consistency.
  • Collaboration: ClickUp enables teams to collaborate and communicate within the platform, facilitating the creation and refinement of SOPs.
  • Centralized documentation: SOPs created in ClickUp are stored in a centralized location, making them easily accessible to all team members.

Image: Waybook


Waybook is a powerful AI-driven platform that automates the creation of comprehensive standard operating procedures based on simple user commands. By utilizing advanced algorithms, Waybook analyzes user requirements and generates tailored, step-by-step SOP documents that meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations.

One of the most impressive aspects of Waybook is its ability to generate detailed, customized SOPs quickly and efficiently. Users simply need to provide a brief description of the procedure they need, and Waybook’s AI will create a comprehensive outline of the core steps involved. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required to develop SOPs, allowing businesses to allocate their resources more effectively.

Waybook offers a high degree of versatility, making it beneficial for various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and finance. The platform also provides users with the flexibility to customize generated SOPs by adding more specificity and context as needed. Additionally, Waybook offers unlimited usage for creating procedures for any number of job roles, making it an attractive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Key features of Waybook:

  • Automatic SOP generation: Waybook AI quickly generates detailed, customized SOPs based on user input.
  • Versatility: Waybook AI is beneficial across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and finance.
  • Free unlimited usage: Generating SOPs with Waybook AI is 100% free, with unlimited usage for creating procedures for any number of job roles.
  • Customization: With a Waybook subscription, generated SOPs can be edited, customized, and aligned with unique processes.
  • Real-time compliance monitoring: Waybook AI provides real-time monitoring of SOP compliance, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement and take corrective action.

Scribe is an AI-powered tool that enhances the process of creating documentation, such as standard operating procedures, help centers, user guides, and training materials. By transforming the way users develop and share how-to guides, Scribe simplifies the documentation process, making it accessible to everyone with just a few clicks.

One of the standout features of Scribe is its ability to automatically generate documentation by capturing user actions in real-time. As users perform a task, Scribe records each step, including mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes, and generates a comprehensive step-by-step guide. This feature eliminates the need for manual screenshotting and writing, significantly reducing the time and effort required to create SOPs and other documentation.

Scribe’s AI-powered capabilities extend beyond simple recording. The platform uses ChatGPT to auto-generate unique titles for each SOP based on the recorded actions, making the guides easily searchable and shareable. Additionally, Scribe includes annotated screenshots to provide visual clarity for complex processes, ensuring that users can follow along easily.

Key features of Scribe:

  • Automatic documentation generation: Scribe captures your actions in real-time and documents each step, generating comprehensive step-by-step guides.
  • AI-powered: Scribe uses ChatGPT to auto-generate unique titles for each SOP based on your mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes, making them searchable and shareable.
  • Visual clarity: Scribe includes annotated screenshots to demonstrate each click, providing visual clarity for complex processes.
  • Customization: Guides generated by Scribe have a standardized layout that can be customized to match your style and branding. You can add visuals, images, videos, GIFs, and links to reference materials.
  • Collaboration: Scribe encourages team collaboration with built-in feedback features, allowing teammates to comment, react, and offer insights to refine the documentation.

Flowster is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the process of creating highly detailed standard operating procedures and managing workflows. By automating repetitive tasks through easy-to-use, no-code workflows, Flowster enables businesses to optimize their operations and improve overall efficiency.

One of the most valuable features of Flowster is its extensive library of process templates, which covers a wide range of industries and use cases. These templates serve as a starting point for businesses to create their own SOPs, saving significant time and effort in the process. Flowster’s AI-guided workflow creation tool further simplifies the process by tailoring templates to the specific needs of each business, making workflow creation nearly foolproof.

Flowster’s workflows utilize conditional logic, ensuring that team members only see the steps relevant to their specific roles and responsibilities. This feature streamlines the execution of tasks and minimizes confusion, as users are not overwhelmed with irrelevant information. Additionally, Flowster integrates with popular tools like Trello and Zapier, enhancing the overall workflow experience and enabling seamless collaboration among team members.

Key features of Flowster:

  • Massive template library: Flowster offers thousands of detailed process templates for various industries and use cases, such as hiring, product launches, and more.
  • AI-guided workflow creation: The AI helps tailor templates to your specific needs, making workflow creation almost foolproof. It regularly updates workflows if processes change over time.
  • Conditional logic: Workflows use conditional logic, so team members only see steps relevant to them.
  • Integrations: Flowster integrates with popular tools like Trello and Zapier to enhance the workflow experience.
  • Collaboration: It allows teams to collaborate on SOPs and workflows in one centralized place.

Streamline Your SOPs with AI-Powered Generators

AI-powered SOP generators have become indispensable tools for organizations seeking to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and maintain consistency. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, these platforms automate the process of creating, updating, and managing standard operating procedures, saving businesses significant time and resources.

Whether you opt for the video-based guides of Guidde, the customizable templates of ClickUp, the automated SOP generation of Waybook, the real-time documentation capabilities of Scribe, or the AI-guided workflows of Flowster, adopting an AI SOP generator can innovate the way your organization manages its processes. As you explore the options available, consider your specific needs and choose the tool that best aligns with your goals to unlock the full potential of AI-driven SOP management.

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